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Alexis Bellino's Pets

Does Alexis Bellino Have Any Pets?

Alexis Bellino has two dogs, one cat, four reptiles, and 25 fish.

Prince (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog

Alexis Bellino has a French Bulldog named Prince, who apparently enjoys a glass or two of wine like his mom.

Biscuit (Dog)

Breed: Golden Retriever | Adopted Oct 2023

Alexis Bellino has a rescue named Biscuit. She adopted the elderly Golden Retriever in October 2023.

Sox (Cat)

Breed: Tabby | Adopted Jul 2021

In July 2021, Alexis Bellino adopted a kitty named Sox.

Kingston James (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog

Alexis Bellino used to have a black Frenchie named Kingston James, who she got in August 2015. Kingston passed away in March 2020.

Meet Kingston! He is the newest addition to our family, and he is bringing so much joy. I know there are many ways to gain a pet…adopt, rescue or buy, and when the kids and I left the house yesterday, we never planned on bringing home ANY animals! But you cannot put a price on falling in love. Russo Pets in Newport Beach gave us such a blessing yesterday. (Don’t waste your time leaving negative comments, I’ll just delete them, as this is only a positive moment in the Bellino home. We are in love!

Alexis Bellino, Facebook, August 2015

Banks (Dog)

Breed: Doberman

John Janssen has a Doberman Pinscher named Banks, who has been making appearances on Alexis Bellino’s Instagram since they started dating.

Meet Banks, @johnwjanssen #furbaby. I love him as much as I love his dad. So Banks will be gracing my IG also as he’s a part of this crazy love story. He’s now my fur baby too. Thankfully he’s been well taken care of while Johnny and I’ve been celebrating my bday at a #staycation @surfandsandlaguna So much fun and so much love to share from this weekend and the pics are soon to come!!!!! I’m very thankful going into this year 47 years wiser. And I’m beyond thankful this birthday for you

@alexis_bellino, Instagram, Janaury 2024
Alexis Bellino's pet Reptiles

Reptiles (Reptile)

Alexis Bellino has mentioned she has four pet reptiles.

Alexis Bellino's pet Fish

Fish (Fish)

Alexis has also shared she has 25 pet fish.

Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino Pets


January 17, 1977 (47)

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Reality TV

Alexis Bellino is an American reality TV star and media personality, best known as a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Her journey on The Real Housewives of Orange County began in Season 5, showcasing her life and opinions, and continued until Season 8. This stint not only brought her into the limelight but also helped her establish a reputation as an assertive and independent personality. Beyond The Real Housewives, Bellino has diversified her television presence with appearances in various shows including Below Deck, demonstrating her versatility as a TV personality.

Apart from her television career, Bellino is also a savvy businesswoman. She owns a clothing line, Alexis Couture, and co-owns indoor trampoline parks, Sky Zone Sports, in Anaheim and San Diego. Her business acumen, combined with her television fame, has contributed to an estimated net worth of around $1.5 to $4 million as of 2023. This financial success stems from her various engagements in reality shows, modeling, commercials, and brand promotions, including a substantial per-season earning from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

In her personal life, Bellino has experienced significant changes. She was initially married to Jeff Barry, and after their divorce, she married Jim Bellino, with whom she shares three children. Their marriage, however, ended in 2018. Following this, she was engaged to Andy Bohn, but the engagement was called off in 2020. As of late 2023, she is in a relationship with John Janssen, who previously dated RHOC costar Shannon Beador.