The Unstoppable Dogs: A Canine Biker Gang That Triumphed Over Tragedy

Meet the Unstoppable Dogs. They’re part biker gang, part Avengers, and all heart. They consist of six disabled dogs named Speedy, Zeek, Eddie, Pop, Elliot, and Bunnypop, that are living life to the fullest.

The Unstoppable Dogs - disabled dogs biker gang
Credit: The Unstoppable Dogs

Thanks to Debbie Pearl, an acclaimed dog trainer and rehabilitator, and Caroline Artiss, the CEO of a Californian dog food company called Migos Dog, this 6-pack of hot dogs are inspiring humans in many ways.

First, they encourage humans to adopt disabled dogs when they see how happy they are cruising on wheels or prosthetic legs.

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And they also bring joy to all humans of all ages, and especially to any with disabilities.

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And like our standard two-legged superhero, these furry Avengers have their own comic for kids!

For more inspirational four-wheel action, follow @theunstoppabledogs on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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