Looting dog Otis takes advantage of Hurricane Harvey to score kibble

Hurricane Harvey has wrecked havoc on Texas, but one resourceful pup managed to make the tropical storm work in his favor. Otis, a mixed breed dog, disappeared from his owner Salvador Segovia’s home during the tropical storm and didn’t return empty-pawed.

Otis Hurricane harvey dog looter

Local resident Tiele Dockens snapped this photo of Otis, casually walking down a street in his hometown Sinton, Texas following the initial blows of Hurricane Harvey. She followed Otis to make sure the doggo had a safe place to escape the rain, and watched as he walked straight up to his front porch, set down a massive bag of chow, and laid down for a quick nap. All that looting tires a guy out.

Otis hurricane harvey dog looter

Segovia had initially tried searching for Otis in the storm, but his efforts proved futile. He stated that Otis is a smart dog, who “knows where to go to pick up a treat.” The industrious pup often wanders away, but always returns home. Otis usually makes his rounds by first going to Dairy Queen to grab a free hamburger before heading around the small town for treats. This time, Segovia thinks Otis managed to break into the lumber store (one of his usual stops) to nab a bag of dog food before returning home.

Otis was rescued by Salvador when he was a puppy. He’s six now, and has been best friends with Segovia’s grandson ever since he was adopted.

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