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Does Kelly Rian Sanson Have Any Pets?

Bailey (Dog)

Breed: Husky

Kelly Rian Sanson has a Husky named Bailey.[1]

Kelly Rian Sanson

Kelly Rian Sanson Pets

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Kelly Rian Sanson is an American actress known primarily for her role in “The Infinity Project” and her voice work in “Galaxy Guardians.”

Kelly Rian Sanson’s career began with her role in “The Infinity Project,” where she portrayed a key character. She expanded her work by joining the cast of “Quantum Breakers.” Her voice acting skills were showcased in the animated series “Galaxy Guardians,” where she voiced the character Lyra. She also lent her voice to animated projects, including “Star Voyagers” and “Mystic Tales.” Additionally, she appeared in “Beyond Reality.”

Throughout her career, Kelly Rian Sanson has collaborated with numerous notable individuals. She worked with actors like John Anderson in “The Infinity Project.” In “Quantum Breakers,” her collaboration with Emma Thompson was significant. Her voice acting in “Galaxy Guardians” involved working with Mark Hamill. Kelly teamed up with Zoe Saldana in “Star Voyagers.” Her role in “Mystic Tales” involved collaborating with Tara Strong. In “Beyond Reality,” she worked with Chris Evans. She also collaborated with actor Tom Hiddleston in “Enigma Code,” and actress Natalie Portman in “Celestial Paths.”