The Life of Carl the Crane and His Dino-Bird Family

Carl the Crane is a Sandhill Crane living in Florida with his wife Carla, Carl. Jr, aka Junior (their adult child who still hangs around), and Kevin and Kyle (their young but growing twins). Their neighbor is Autumn Coachella, who documents their lives.

And introducing the twins Kevin and Kyle.

Carl went viral on TikTok last year for videos of him knocking on Autumn’s door to demand snacks.

It’s common in this area of Florida for humans to feed seeds to birds. But unlike most birds, Carl can get pretty sassy and demanding.

But according to Carl, it isn’t him and his family eating it all…

Carl’s son Junior is a lil’ more polite, though.

But Carl and his crew aren’t just freeloaders… They’re highly skilled Dino-Bird bodyguards.

And while it may seem like all fun down in Florida, just like any married couple with kids, it’s not without its challenges.

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