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Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy)'s Pets

Does Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy) Have Any Pets?

Chip Pups (Valco and Luigi) (Dog)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl) and Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy) have two dogs named alco and Luigi, who they refer to as “Chip Pups”. They’re famous for their luxury lifestyle and for having their own two-storey doggy mansion.

Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy)

Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy) Pets


Burgundy Waller

(2017 - )

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Mike Cadwell, also known as Chip Guy (@chipguyhere), is an American tech investor, entrepreneur, and managing partner at Casascius Capital. He began his career as a software engineer and eventually moved into investments, leveraging his deep knowledge of the industry and his skills in product development and strategy. Mike has been a key investor in several successful tech startups and has a long-standing reputation as an advocate for innovative and disruptive technologies. He made headlines when he and his wife Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl) got microchips implanted in their hands to access their home instead of keys.