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Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl)'s Pets

Does Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl) Have Any Pets?

Chip Pups (Valco and Luigi) (Dog)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl) and Mike Cadwell (Chip Guy) have two dogs named alco and Luigi, who they refer to as “Chip Pups”. They’re famous for their luxury lifestyle and for having their own two-storey doggy mansion.

Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl)

Burgundy Waller (Chip Girl) Pets


June 3, 1991 (32)


Mike Cadwell

(2017 - )

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Burgundy Waller, known online as Chip Girl with the username @chipgirlhere, is an American social media influencer, content creator, and model. She’s known for creating content about her family, lifestyle, and her two dogs Valco and Luigi (also known as the “Chip Pups”) and their doggy mansion. She’s also known for her marriage to tech entrepreneur and investor Mike Caldwell (Chip Guy), with the couple making headlines for implanting microchips in their hand to access their home instead of keys.