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August 15, 1975 (48)

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Gianni Capaldi is a Scottish actor and producer known for his roles in films and television series. He has appeared in “The Wicked Within” (2015) and “Blood of Redemption” (2013), alongside Dolph Lundgren and Billy Zane. His television work includes a recurring role in “Ambitions” (2019).

In his film career, Capaldi’s roles include a leading part in “Blood of Redemption”, sharing the screen with Vinnie Jones and Dolph Lundgren, and in “Puncture Wounds” (2014), where he acted alongside Cung Le and Dolph Lundgren. He also served as a producer on “The Wicked Within.”

Capaldi’s professional relationships have included multiple collaborations with Vinnie Jones in both “Blood of Redemption” and “Ambitions”, Dolph Lundgren in “Blood of Redemption” and “Puncture Wounds”, Billy Zane in “Blood of Redemption”, Robert Davi in “The Wicked Within”, and Steven Bauer in “The Ghosts of Garip” (2015).