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Does Chris Elliott Have Any Pets?

Dog Food Skit

Chris Elliott acted in a popular dog food skit on David Letterman in 1989. He does not have any reported pets of his own.

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott Pets

Christopher Elliott, born May 31, 1960, is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He gained popularity and eventually produced comedic sketches on Late Night with David Letterman (1982–1988), created and starred in the comedy series Get a Life (1990–1992) on Fox, and wrote and starred in the film Cabin Boy (1994). Chris Elliott has won four consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for his writing. His other television appearances include recurring roles on Everybody Loves Raymond (2003–2005) and How I Met Your Mother (2009–2014), starring as Chris Monsanto in Adult Swim’s Eagleheart (2011–2014) and starring as Roland Schitt in Schitt’s Creek (2015–2020).[1] He also appeared in the films Groundhog Day (1993), There’s Something About Mary (1998), and Scary Movie 2 (2001).