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Does Jackson Galaxy Have Any Pets?

Pet Family (Cat)

Jackson Galaxy has 3 dogs, 7 cats, 1 turtle, 2 chickens, and 1 rooster.

  • Dogs: Pasha, Penelope, Caroline
  • Cats: Mooshka, Sammy, Lily, Gabby, Mowgli, Pishi, Theo
  • Chickens: Salvador the Rooster, Lily and Gabby
  • Audrey the turtle

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy Pets


April 28, 1966 (58)

Jackson Galaxy is an American cat behaviorist and host of the Animal Planet show “My Cat from Hell.” He began his career as a professional musician before transitioning to animal welfare work in the early 2000s. Galaxy is known for his approach to cat behavior, which emphasizes understanding cats as individuals and using positive reinforcement to address behavioral issues. He has written several books on cat behavior, including “Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean” and “Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat.” He is a frequent guest on television shows and podcasts, and is also an animal welfare advocate who works to promote the well-being of cats through education and outreach.

Jackson Galaxy’s foray into television with the acclaimed series “My Cat From Hell” in 2011 introduced him to Sandy Robins, a renowned pet lifestyle expert. Together, they navigated countless feline behavior challenges, with Robins often providing her expertise on the show. In 2013, Galaxy joined forces with noted cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett to host a series of lectures, providing valuable insights into the world of feline psychology. A year later, he worked alongside philanthropist Hannah Shaw, popularly known as “Kitten Lady,” on several high-impact rescue operations.

Galaxy teamed up with recording artist Barry Weil in 2016 to release the album “Cat Daddy.” A unique blend of spoken words and music, the album aimed to foster a deeper understanding and connection between cats and their owners. His close collaboration with veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve began in 2018, with the pair authoring “Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat,” an enlightening tome on understanding and nurturing the unique bond between humans and cats. In the following year, Galaxy joined hands with the charismatic animal rights activist, Marc Ching, to bring global attention to the brutal dog meat trade in Asia.

In 2012, his pioneering show “My Cat From Hell” was lauded with the Cablefax Program Award for Best Reality Series, marking a milestone in his journey. This recognition was followed by his receipt of the 2014 ASPCA Cat Champion Award, a testament to his relentless efforts toward improving cat welfare. His musical excursion with Barry Weil brought him the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album, showcasing his unique ability to merge passion and profession. When Galaxy’s collaboration with Dr. Jean Hofve culminated in the book “Total Cat Mojo,” it quickly gained a devoted readership, leading to its selection for the 2019 New York Times Best Seller list. The following year, Galaxy’s profound impact on animal rights activism, marked by his collaboration with Marc Ching, was recognized with the 2020 Animal Activist of the Year award by PETA.