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Evan Antin's Pets

Does Evan Antin Have Any Pets?

Henry (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua

Evan Antin has a Chihuahua mix named Henry[1].

Willy (Cat)

Evan Antin also has a the social shorthair named Willy[1].

Blue (Cat)

Evan Antin has a cat named Blue[1].

Evan Antin's pet Lizards and Fish

Lizards and Fish

Evan Antin also has a lizard, a snake, a tortoise, and some fish[1].

Evan Antin

Evan Antin Pets


December 12, 1984 (39)

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Evan Antin is an American veterinarian, author, and television personality known for his work in veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation. He authored “World Wild Vet,” sharing his global animal encounters, and hosted “Evan Goes Wild” on Animal Planet. Antin practices at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital and actively promotes wildlife conservation through various platforms and collaborations with wildlife organizations.

Evan Antin’s career is marked by his role as host of “Evan Goes Wild” on Animal Planet, where he engages with exotic wildlife in their natural habitats, emphasizing the importance of conservation and animal care. As a veterinarian at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California, he provides medical care to a wide range of animals. Antin extends his impact through educational initiatives, including public speaking events and a strong social media presence, to promote awareness and action towards wildlife conservation.