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Belvedere and Birch (Dog)

Breed: Pyredoodle

Interior designer Grace Mitchell has two Pyredoodle dogs named Belvedere and Birtch. The breed of these, as Mitchell calls them, “giant cotton balls,” is a mix of Pyrenees and Poodle. She got them both in 2018, with Belvedere three months older than Birch.

Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell Pets

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Grace Mitchell is an interior designer, reality TV star, media personality, and design influencer known for her work on the HGTV home renovation show One of a Kind​​. She began her career with a blog, A Storied Style, in 2012, where she shared her unique approach to interior design that focused on evoking a story or history of the owners. In her work, she often spent months searching for the perfect antique piece to serve as the focal point of a space​​. Mitchell also has a background as a language therapist for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, an experience that has influenced her empathetic approach to understanding her clients’ needs​​.

Mitchell’s career took off when she started collaborating with brands, styling, and putting pieces together for them. This led to her writing for magazines and eventually taking on clients of her own. Her unique and practical approach to design, combined with her focus on incorporating her clients’ personal stories into the design, caught the attention of HGTV, leading to her becoming the host of One of a Kind​.

Her work has not only been limited to television. Mitchell has also collaborated with At Home Group Inc., the parent company of At Home, a national furniture and decor superstore chain. This collaboration resulted in a collection of hundreds of furniture and decor pieces, with Mitchell involved in each step of the design process. The collection reflected Mitchell’s personal style, with items based on the renovation of her 100-year-old home in Fort Worth, Texas​.