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CallMeCarson does not have any reported pets.

Carson King (CallMeCarson)

Carson King (CallMeCarson) Pets


May 10, 1999 (25)

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Carson King, better known by his online alias “CallMeCarson,” is an American internet personality and streamer who has created a name for himself in the world of online gaming and content creation.

One of King’s most notable works is his YouTube channel, “CallMeCarson,” where he showcases a variety of content, including gaming, reactions, and humor. The channel has amassed millions of followers, demonstrating King’s appeal and impact in the digital entertainment industry. One of his most well-known series, “Minecraft, But It’s Chaos,” brought him significant attention and praise. Moreover, his “Invading Discord Servers” series was equally successful, winning the admiration of both viewers and fellow content creators alike.

In his rise to internet fame, King has collaborated with numerous individuals in the online entertainment industry. His collaborations have spanned fellow YouTubers like Jschlatt, Wilbur Soot, and Quackity. He has also collaborated with artists like Traves, Hugbox, and Slimecicle as part of the group known as “Lunch Club.” Other notable collaborators include NoBoom, AntVenom, and ConnorEatsPants.