Carter Cunard is one chic chow chow

Carter Cunard is a furry fashion influencer based in England that’s always impeccably dressed for the occasion. Along with his stylish fashion influencer and model dad, Carl Cunard, Carter regularly shares a new fit and all the fun he has with his 170,000 Instagram followers.

And Carter’s human Carl often dresses up just like him!

Carter is a big fan of #SweaterWeather season.

Carter also has outfits ready for summer.

Sure he could get contacts or laser eye surgery, but Carter sure looks dapper in black-rimmed glasses.

Carter loves getting dressed up for a black-tie party.

But he may party a bit too hard sometimes.

While you may think all Carter does is look good and have fun, he does like to chill out at home and catch up on current events.

For more fur fashion inspiration, follow @carterchowchow on Instagram. For another stylish pooch, check out Tika the Iggy.

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