Pets have been working alongside their humans for centuries, but recently have they begun to make a name for themselves. From movies and guest appearances to full-fledged jobs, pets are becoming more and more successful every day. The days of leaving our pets at home are over.

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Planning To Disconnect While on Vacation? Then Let These Horses Reply to Your Work Emails (Seriously)

"Outhorse Your Email" is a real service that has trained horses type an away message for your email, courtesy of Visit Iceland.

Forget Guard Dogs, This Brazilian Prison Uses Guard Geese Instead

If you've encountered geese, you probably (and quickly) found out they're very territorial. But did you know they've been used as guards since ancient Rome?

Winnie the Pudel Is One Glamourous Doggy Dentist

Winnie's mission as a therapy dog is to help dental patients (and look good while doing it)

Running with Legends: The Life and Times of Secretariat

Ah, Secretariat! The name alone conjures up images of a horse so magnificent, he might as well have had wings. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to witness a living legend, then you should’ve been around in the early ’70s when Secretariat was galloping his way into history books and hearts alike.

Meet Tonic, the Rescue Cat Turned Horror Actor From ‘Pet Sematary’ and ‘Thanksgiving’

Tonic went from a rescue to the feline horror movie star of "Pet Sematary" in 2019 and "Thanksgiving" in 2023!

Meet Tango, the Feline Actor Who Plays Goose the Cat in ‘The Marvels’ Movie

After Goose the Cat became a fan favorite in "Captain Marvel," a new feline actor named Tango has taken up the role in "The Marvels."

Meet Munchkin, Mayo Clinic’s First Mini Therapy Horse

The Mayo Clinic showed off an adorable addition to their therapy animal team: Munchkin the miniature horse!

Kernel, the Great Dane Therapy Dog, Went Viral for Adopting a Grandma

When you think of dog adoption, you usually think of a human adopting a dog. But this very big, very good boy did the opposite!

Oscar the Therapy Cat Predicted 100 Deaths and Inspired Stephen King

While sounding fit for Halloween, this true story is less spooky and more about compassion and caregiving.

The Story of Moose, the Rescue Dog Who Played Eddie on “Frasier” – From Abandoned to Millionaire and Fan Favorite

After a troubled youth, Moose started his acting career late in life. And ended up becoming one of the most iconic canine actors of all time!