Interview With Canine Actor Darby From the ‘Fallout’ TV Series

Canine actor and stunt professional, Darby, is a very busy (and good) boy… But he managed to make time to discuss his latest role! In the new hit Amazon Prime series, Fallout, Darby plays the role of Roosevelt, the beloved family dog of Cooper Howard (played by Walton Goggins). As Roosevelt, Darby puts on a fantastic performance in several pivotal scenes alongside Goggins and plays a vital part in his human’s story and character development. (Darby also played Sidney Sweeney’s dog in the 2023 movie, Reality)

Celebrity Pets: Hey Darby, thanks for chatting with us again despite your hectic schedule. We’re big fans of Walton Goggins – How was your experience working with him and his on-screen family?

Darby: It was such a rush! And a truly professional experience. Walt (his friends call him Walt) has such a calm and kind demeanor that I can’t imagine any canine or human not getting along with him. He seemed to really appreciate my advanced skillset which made our scenes together smooth sailing.

Canine actor Darby of The Joy Crew with Walton Goggins in Fallout tv series
Credit: Fallout/Amazon Prime

I also had to match his [Goggins] calm demeanor on set as many of my actions involved resting, which is challenging as a high-energy Border Collie. But with my training and dedication to the craft… I pulled it off no problem.

Canine actor Darby, on working alongside TV icon Walton Goggins

Darby: I also got to show off some tricks for the kids on set, which I can never get enough of!

CP: What was your most important scene? And can you take us through it?

Darby: In episode 7, I had a critical scene with Walt that defined both his story arc and his character. And it really tugged on the heartstrings! Walt’s character had to wrestle with the harrowing choice of spying on his wife and mother to his child or helping to investigate his wife’s company that’s planning the apocalypse… Initially, he threw out a hidden listening device, but then decided to dig it out of the trash. I’m of course there to help my dad out, where he mutters to me, “No dogs in the vault huh?”. This means walt’s love for his dog was an important part of his decision – Something all dog parents can relate to. He then gives me a hug, head skritch, and kiss – While I let out a sad wimper… The scene then transitions to Walt in the future as “The Ghoul” with his new dog, “Dogmeat” (played by canine actor Lana5, of John Wick fame), where he’s reminiscing of that climactic night and says, “I’m sorry Dogmeet but you ain’t him.”

Darby: And this scene wasn’t that challenging for me – But it was for my mom/trainer Chrissy. On a set such as this, it can be difficult for her to be in the necessary places to give me commands and guide my acting.

Darby: Sadly I can’t divulge any info yet, but make sure to give me a follow at @thejoycrew on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Or visit me and my crew at!

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Credit: The Joy Crew
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