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June 8, 1997 (26)

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James Rolleston is a New Zealand actor known for his roles in several significant films, including “Boy” (2010) and “The Dark Horse” (2014). He has also starred in “Dead Lands” (2014) and played the lead role in the comedy “Pork Pie” (2017).

Rolleston’s filmography includes a debut in Taika Waititi’s “Boy,” which set records as the highest-grossing New Zealand film upon its release. He continued to build his career with a role in “The Dark Horse,” a drama that received multiple awards and critical acclaim for its portrayal of a chess player helping youth through the game. In “Dead Lands,” Rolleston portrayed a young warrior, and in “Pork Pie,” he was featured in a leading role in the action-comedy that revisited the storyline of the 1981 New Zealand film “Goodbye Pork Pie.”

Throughout his career, Rolleston has worked with prominent New Zealand actors and filmmakers. His notable collaborations include working with Cliff Curtis in “The Dark Horse,” Taika Waititi in “Boy,” and Lawrence Makoare in “Dead Lands.” He also co-starred with Dean O’Gorman in “Pork Pie.”