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Does Taika Waititi Have Any Pets?

No Pets (Taika Waititi) (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog

Taika Waititi has no pets, but he’s seen here with rescued Frenchie influencer @bigrigthebaby.

Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi Pets


August 16 , 1975 (48)

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Taika Waititi is a celebrated New Zealand filmmaker, actor, and comedian, widely recognized for his distinctive style of storytelling that often blends humor with elements of drama.

Waititi’s career in the film industry is extensive and varied. His directorial debut with the short film Two Cars, One Night garnered him a nomination for an Academy Award. Following this, his feature films such as Eagle vs Shark and Boy established his reputation in the international film scene. However, it was Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows that truly established his distinct comedic style. Waititi’s career took a mainstream turn when he directed the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok, infusing the superhero genre with his quirky humor. He followed this success by writing, directing, and starring in the World War II satire Jojo Rabbit.

Over the years, Waititi’s collaborations have spanned a multitude of talented actors and filmmakers. He worked with Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok and will continue this collaboration in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. His ensemble cast in Jojo Rabbit included Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, and Thomasin McKenzie. In Hunt for the Wilderpeople, he brought together Sam Neill and Julian Dennison. Waititi’s collaboration with Jemaine Clement on What We Do in the Shadows has also been significant, leading to a successful TV series adaptation.

Waititi’s unique approach to filmmaking has earned him significant recognition. His short film Two Cars, One Night was nominated for an Academy Award. The New Zealand Film and TV Awards honored him with Best Director and Best Screenplay for Boy. Perhaps his most significant achievement was winning the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Jojo Rabbit, a historic moment as he became the first person of Māori descent to win an Oscar in a script category.