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Does Kwebbelkop Have Any Pets?

Zorro (Cat)


Kwebbelkop had a cat named Zorro who passed away in April 2021. Zorro was a Spanish cat Kwebbelkop rescued, despite having several health issues, including a broken tail and feline AIDS. Zorro found a loving home with Kwebbelkop[1].


Kwebbelkop Pets


June 1, 1995 (29)

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Kwebbelkop, whose real name is Jordi van den Bussche, is a Dutch YouTuber and internet personality known for his gaming content and vlogs on his self-titled YouTube channel. He has gained significant recognition for his gameplay videos, particularly within the Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft communities. Kwebbelkop’s channel boasts millions of subscribers and billions of views.

Kwebbelkop’s career has been marked by impactful collaborations with several notable individuals. These include working with Jelly (Jelle Van Vucht) and Slogo (Joshua Robert Temple) in forming the YouTube group Robust. He has also collaborated with PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), AzzyLand (Azra Bajrami), Miniminter (Simon Minter), and Crainer (Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard). Additionally, he has worked with Lachlan (Lachlan Ross Power) and Muselk (Elliott Watkins).