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Rudy (Dog)

Slogo has a dog named Rudy.

Josh Temple (Slogo)

Josh Temple (Slogo) Pets


May 16, 1997 (27)

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Slogo, formerly known as Slogoman, is a British YouTuber and internet personality, born Joshua Robert Temple. He is known for his gaming videos, particularly focusing on Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. Slogo’s YouTube channel, created in 2013, has amassed a significant following, with millions of subscribers and billions of views.

Slogo’s rise to fame on YouTube is marked by his engaging and entertaining gaming content. He initially gained popularity with his Grand Theft Auto V videos, which showcased his gameplay skills and humorous commentary. Over time, he expanded his content to include Minecraft, among other games, attracting a diverse audience.

Throughout his career, Slogo has collaborated with several other prominent YouTubers, enhancing his reach and influence in the gaming community. Notable collaborations include working with Kwebbelkop (Jordi van den Bussche) and Jelly (Jelle Van Vucht), forming a close-knit group known for their collaborative gaming videos.