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Does Claire Rosinkranz Have Any Pets?

Coco (Dog)

Claire Rosinkranz has a dog named Coco.

Goats (Goat)

Claire Rosinkranz also has a farm with some goats (the kids).

Claire Rosinkranz

Claire Rosinkranz Pets


January 2, 2004 (20)

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Claire Rosinkranz is an American singer-songwriter, most recognized for her viral hit “Backyard Boy,” which captivated millions globally with its unique blend of pop, indie, and alternative influences. Born and raised in Southern California, Rosinkranz channeled her coastal upbringing and the sounds of the West Coast into her music, creating a distinct auditory signature that sets her apart in the crowded pop scene.

Rosinkranz’s early career was marked by a flurry of creativity, which saw her release a slew of catchy tracks. However, it was “Backyard Boy,” released in 2020, that truly thrust her into the spotlight. This infectious tune captured the collective imagination of users on TikTok, resulting in the song being used in over 3.5 million videos. Emboldened by the runaway success of her breakout song, Rosinkranz capitalized on the momentum, releasing her debut EP, “BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd.”

The singer’s meteoric rise to fame has led to collaborations with several influential figures in the music industry. Jeremy Zucker, known for his poignant indie pop anthems, has recognized Rosinkranz’s unique sound and invited her to work together. Other notable collaborations include Ritt Momney, famous for his rendition of “Put Your Records On,” and two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Chloe Moriondo. Indie-pop darling mxmtoon, talented singer-songwriter Gavin Haley, and pop artist Role Model have also joined forces with Rosinkranz, showcasing the respect she garners among her contemporaries. Finally, it’s worth noting her work with producers Matt Malpass and Rob Grimaldi.

In 2021, “Backyard Boy” received a nomination for Best Breakthrough Song at the inaugural Spotify Awards, a testament to her songwriting talent and the track’s wide appeal. She has also been named as one of SoundCloud’s “Artists to Watch” in 2021.