Sami the Westie Is Your Source for Vacation Vibes

If you’re looking for some travel inspo for you and your pooch, Sami the Westie is an excellent source. Sami (along with his humans) travels far and wide, across land and sea, soaking up culture and the sun.

Sami the Westie Is Your Source for Vacation Vibes
Credit: @westievibes/Facebook

Sami is best known for living a sailor’s life.

He’s admittedly not a fan of swimming, but he’s clearly an expert at cruising with a cocktail.

Sami also offers tips to pawrents considering travel with their pup.

And his expert recommendations for dog-friendly spots to visit.

He loves to soak up the sun – but isn’t going to let a lil’ rain stop his adventures.

Sami is also open about how traveling with your dog isn’t always perfect.

While he loves livin’ it up, he’s also honest that the pet travel influencer life isn’t all glamor and good times.

But no matter what, he always makes time for his fans!

For more vacation vibes, follow @westievibes on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And for another jet-setting pup, check out our interview with Fifi Little Darling.

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