Soak in the Cute and Cozy Life of Frenchies Angel and Smile (@take_to_angel)

Born and living in the beautiful city of Okayama in Japan, Angel and Smile are two French Bulldogs enjoying a beautiful life. Angel has dark brindle fur, and Smile is white with black spots.

Soak in the Cute and Cozy Life of Frenchies Angel and Smile take_to_angel
Credit: @take_to_angel/Instagram

They’re known for the serene scene below, which went viral on Instagram last month with 183,000 likes and counting. We invite you to gaze upon the content couple as they soak up a warm bath in a traditional Hinoki cypress tub. The chill autumn air swirls around them, stirring their gorgeous maple leaf backdrop – A reminder that it’s not a painting – Just one of the countless perfect moments in their little lives. (And I asked if you could join, but they said the tub’s full… Sorry!)

These lucky pups also have access to the Shimogawara Hot Springs, which features three outdoor baths for dogs, including larger pups. And these baths aren’t just for relaxing, they also help their skin issues and avoid extra vet trips!

And when it’s time to go in, you can find them drying off by the fire.

And when they happen to not being enjoying a soak or chilling fireside, they still keep warm thanks to a very cozy wardrobe. (And yes I asked, they don’t have panda poncho in your size)

They also have lots of fun dressing up, such Angel’s 6th birthday party below.

They also love hanging with grandma, who made them all matching watermelon hats.

When spring is in the air, you can find them enjoying the many parks and gardens that Okayama is known for.

Goodnight! (and sorry, I asked if you could nap with them, and they said grandma has her spot reserved)

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