Simu Liu Adopted a Background Dog Actor from ‘Arthur the King’

Have you ever worked as a background actor and wished one of the lead actors would notice you and help you become a star? (Or maybe even take you home with them?) Well, for Chopa, a stray dog-turned-canine background actor, this wish came true!

Simu Liu Adopted a Background Dog Actor from Arthur the King Movie
Credit: HSI/Lionsgate/Simu Liu

Simu Liu has been promoting his new movie, Arthur the King, which stars Mark Wahlberg and canine actor Ukai. The movie follows the incredible true story of an adventure racing team that picks up a stray dog along the way, who they name Arthur. The movie was actually filmed in the Dominican Republic back in 2021 – Which is where and when a stray dog named Chopa’s whole life got flipped turned upside down. (Swipe through the gallery below for some highlights)

The kind humans who produced Arthur the King decided to hire local rescue dogs as their canine background actors. Chopa was one of them and Simu must have noticed his acting chops, leading to them connecting. Now Chopa is living it up as a A-list celebrity pet!

But Chopa and her human didn’t forget her humble beginnings and they always make an effort to advocate for dog rescues.

Chopra even got to attend her first movie premiere! (Held at Dog PPL, the hottest canine club in L.A.)

And with Arthur the King a story about a stray-turned-star, Simu and Chopa are using it to promote Humane Society International! Mark Wahlberg and the canine lead from Arthur the King also recently promoted pet adoption and Best Friends Animal Society.

Simu and Chopa also had a cute interview with @weratedogs you don’t want to miss. (which follows up their interview with Jennifer Garner and Birdie, her rescue-turned-therapy dog)

And make sure to check out the true story behind Arthur the King.

Arthur the King on his adventure through Ecuador in 2014
Credit: Peak Performance
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