Lady Pinto Bean – The Reign of the Dungeon & Dragons Doggo

Lady Pinto Bean is a dog who loves Dungeons & Dragons and has the sword skills to prove it!

@bananna_k It’s the kinda love that makes you weak in the knees 🫣 #ladypintobean #australianshepherd #dogsoftiktok #sword #doggo ♬ good time boy – jemaine

Don’t worry, she only cosplays with a fake sword, under the tutelage of her humans Anna and Luke of Misty Mountain Legends.

@bananna_k Lady Pinto Bean trains for battle against the rising squirrel army ⚠️fake swords⚠️ @tumid_lynx #thatdndcouple #australianshepherd #puppy #fyp ♬ The Riders of Rohan – Lord Of The Rings Singers + Orchestra

But with her powers increasing every day, how long till the student becomes the master?

@bananna_k Oh, no, she doesn’t bite. She stabs ⚔️ (with a ⚠️ fake sword ⚠️ of course) #ladypintobean #thatdndcouple #dogsoftiktok #doglover #sworddog #australianshepherd #doggo ♬ M83 x Star Wars Theme MIX – Hannah

And if you’re wondering what their neighbors think, here ya go:

Lady Pinto Bean isn’t always on a quest. Here she is helping make some brownies.

@bananna_k Don’t worry, she’s just here for moral support (with a ⚠️ fake sword ⚠️) #sworddog #ladypintobean #australianshepherd #dogsoftiktok #doglover #doggo ♬ original sound – Anna Kimbro

She’s not always beating dragons… Sometimes she joins them!

@bananna_k Cutest little dragon (if you saw this before, no you didn’t) (also, ⚠️fake swords⚠️) #ladypintobean #dogsoftiktok #sworddog #australianshepherd #doglover ♬ original sound – Anna Kimbro

Here’s a little look behind the scenes.

@bananna_k Replying to @kelsey_reads she’s a true professional! When the scene ends, she’s immediately checking to see if she did a good job 😂 (as always ⚠️fake swords⚠️) #ladypintobean ♬ original sound – Anna Kimbro

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