Oli the Cat Becomes the First Feline To Compete in Annual Australian Yacht Race

The Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht race in Australia has been an annual tradition since 1945. after 7 days, 19 hours, 26 minutes, and 15 seconds over 628 nautical miles, the Sylph VI crossed the finish line… In last place out of 85 competing teams. Despite finishing last, the moment they reached the dock, a cheering crowd was waiting. The crowd held signs congratulating them, along with gifts and treats. The signs mainly mentioned Oli and the gifts and treats were quite small though…

Oli the cat of the Sylph VI boat arriving in Sydney
@credit: @livesaildie/Instagram

So this was all a complete surprise to the Sylph VI crew, who didn’t expect this kind of fanfare when they embarked on the race a week ago. But news of their third crew member, Oli the cat, went viral as they were out to sea.

AI image of Oli the Australian yacht racing cat
how Oli described his yacht race to other kitties down at the pub

10-year-old Oli has 5 years of yachting experience under his collar, which includes a trip from Australia to New Zealand’s Tasman Sea. Oli’s experience mainly consists of keeping up morale and snuggles. (We imagine no sain sailor would trust a cat with tying ropes) After making kitty history, he’s now an international celebrity cat! We’re just waiting for him to launch his pet influencer career, so hopefully he’ll create an Instagram or TikTok profile ASAP!

And to celebrate, let’s all head to Bristol’s famous cat pub!

The Bag O Nails Cat Pub in Bristol England
Credit: @TheBagofCats/Facebook
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