It’s no secret that pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. What may be a secret, however, is that many of these pets are taking their talents on the road and going on amazing adventures. From surfing to safaris, these furry and feathered friends are showing the world that they can handle anything.

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Chihuahua hides in cowboy boot, attempts flight to Vegas

Everyone hates extra airlines fees. It’s the worst when you’re luggage is a bit overweight so you have to scramble to transfer items into your carry-on to avoid getting dinged. When Kristi and Jared Owens were in that situation when catching a Southwest flight to Vegas, they found a little five-pound surprise.

Taylor Swift Escapes From Zoo, Gains National Attention

America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, shares her name with a 1-year-old Eastern bongo living at the Sacramento Zoo. The bongo, which is a type of antelope, was able to escape her enclosure. While the whole incident only lasted 15 minutes thanks to the Sacramento Zoo staff’s quick action, it gained national attention.

Missing Mini Horse Found On Roof In Japan

Leaf, a mini-horse living in Japan, was found on top of a residential roof following record-breaking floods. Rescuers searched for Leaf for three full days before finding the mini-horse perched on a rooftop. Japan’s floods have reached devastating heights, the death count’s now well over 200.

Flamingo On The Run For 13 Years, Narrowly Escapes Authorities Once Again

A flamingo was spotted in the wild in South Texas by Ben Shepard, an intern with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Quickly ID’d as notorious fugitive Flamingo No. 492 who authorities report has been on the lam for thirteen long years. In 2005, forty flamingos travelled from Tanzania to the Wichita County Zoo in Kansas.

Expert Escape Artist Pepper the Cat Finally Apprehended in JFK Airport

Pepper, the feline reincarnation of Houdini, was finally found in JFK’s sprawling terminal 4 after escaping on April 20th. The cat spent a full week cruising dusty alcoves in the airport, eluding Port Authority police. Pepper’s owner missed a flight to China attempting to find her cat but had to board her re-scheduled flight.

Sloth Commits B&E In Search of Snacks, Gets Busted

Sloths, also known as the kingpins of the underworld. Or, at least this one is. Sort of.

Controversy over United Airlines Banning an Emotional Support Peacock

Emotional support comes in many forms including, apparently, a peacock. A woman brought her massive emotional support peacock to the Newark airport and attempted to fly to LA with it, even going so far as to buy the bird a seat of its own. Airlines will allow emotional support animals to fly with their owners as long as they can fit comfortably in front of the passenger’s seat without obstructing the aisle.

Bad-to-the-bone doggo banned from six US states and a federal district

You may have gotten into some trouble as a youth, but have you gotten into banned from any state that borders on Virginia trouble? Jack is a Siberian Husky who has been up for adoption for over a year in a Delaware shelter. His adoption bio caught the attention of the twitter user Historian Cole when she noticed that he is specifically not allowed back into Maryland.

Thanksgiving miracle: bobcat survives 60 mile trip in car grill

On Thanksgiving Day, a miracle occurred. And no, we don’t mean that your racist aunt was too sick to make it to dinner or that no one brought up your perpetual single status at the dinner table. A bobcat’s life was saved, against all odds.

Lillith the elusive Lynx still at large, eludes zoo keepers and vacations on countryside

Lillith, a Lynx formerly residing at the Borth Wild Animal Kingdon Zoo in Wales has been missing since late October. Lillith escaped from her enclosure and has been galavanting throughout the countryside. She’s described as “a young juvenile, tan and white in colour with dark spots on her back and legs.