It’s no secret that pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. What may be a secret, however, is that many of these pets are taking their talents on the road and going on amazing adventures. From surfing to safaris, these furry and feathered friends are showing the world that they can handle anything.

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Lillith the elusive Lynx still at large, eludes zoo keepers and vacations on countryside

Lillith, a Lynx formerly residing at the Borth Wild Animal Kingdon Zoo in Wales has been missing since late October. Lillith escaped from her enclosure and has been galavanting throughout the countryside. She’s described as “a young juvenile, tan and white in colour with dark spots on her back and legs.

Two dogs and their humans found after months lost at sea

For five long months, two American women and their dogs floated lost at sea. With dwindling hope, they survived shark attacks and storms on a broken sailboat. In May 2017, Jennifer Appel, Tasha Fuiava and their two trusty sidekicks embarked on a 2,700-mile trip.

Pup crashes wedding, finds furever family

Wedding crashers come in all shapes and sizes, and now species! If it isn’t Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson trying to pick up your bridesmaids, it could be a stranger looking for an open bar. But, this lucky couple’s wedding had a crasher of a different sort.

The Instagram Adventures of Suki the Bengal Cat

Ever wish you could quit your job and become a travelling Instagram model? Well, @Sukiicat the Bengal already beat you to it. Since opening her Instagram account at the end of March, she’s already stacked up 228,000 followers in five months, getting up to 50,000 likes per post.

When cats fly: Furry stowaway takes an unexpected flight

A four-legged resident of French Guiana took a nap inside the wing of what it thought must be the skeleton of a giant tropical bird. Little did this cat know its hammock-of-the-day was a microlight aircraft, something it wouldn’t learn until it was already several hundred feet in the air. Lucky for the cat, it was hanging on tight inside the wing and was noticed by the pilot.

Grumpy cat powers through Hurricane Harvey like a boss

We all know cats can be grumpy little furballs. We also know they usually hate water. This one ginger cat channelled his grumpiness into pure determination to survive and faced a swim in the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.

The 2017 World Dog Surfing Championship is also the cutest extreme sports championship

Now in its 12th year, the World Dog Surfing Championship still holds the title for cutest extreme sports championship. Over a thousand dog and surf lovers came to watch dozens of dogs compete. Credit: @worlddogsurfing IG Credit: @worlddogsurfing IG Taking place in a different surf spot each year, Starting in San Diego and in Pacifica, California this year.

Looting dog Otis takes advantage of Hurricane Harvey to score kibble

Hurricane Harvey has wrecked havoc on Texas, but one resourceful pup managed to make the tropical storm work in his favor. Otis, a mixed breed dog, disappeared from his owner Salvador Segovia’s home during the tropical storm and didn’t return empty-pawed. Local resident Tiele Dockens snapped this photo of Otis, casually walking down a street in his hometown Sinton, Texas following the initial blows of Hurricane Harvey.

Hero Doggo: US Marine Cena served 3 tours in Afghanistan, gets tearful sendoff after terminal cancer

Hundreds gathered in Michigan to salute and say goodbye to a true four-legged hero. Cena was a 10-year-old black labrador and a US marine who served three tours of duty in Afghanistan. In 2009, Cena served his first tour as a bomb sniffer with human marine Jeff DeYoung and again in 2010.

Check out these badass “sea wolves” that hunt underwater

We all love wolves for being the wild relatives of the doggos we’re proud to be best friends with. While wolves are already awesome, there is a rare group of extra badass “sea wolves” found on Canada’s Vancouver Island. Genetically distinct from the usually land-based wolves, these wolves swim from island to island and hunt sea animals for around 90% of their diet.