It’s no secret that pets have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years. What may be a secret, however, is that many of these pets are taking their talents on the road and going on amazing adventures. From surfing to safaris, these furry and feathered friends are showing the world that they can handle anything.

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The Adventures of Prairie Chuck

Most prairie dogs prefer to hide in their burrows. Prairie Chuck prefers to go on adventures.

Roman and Eli, a Couple Dogs Exploring Their Ancestral Home of Scotland

Take a quick glance at Roman and Eli’s social media accounts and you’ll see more than 50,000 reasons to follow them. These happy dogs are living life to their fullest, and documenting their adventures for their followers. The pair of active collie’s live in their native home of Scotland.

How Super Corgi Jojo Overcame Tragedy to Become a Surfing Champion

Super Corgi Jojo has a special bond with water. The adrenaline chasing Corgi’s love for catching a good wave has strengthened, healed, and even made him a social media super star. But Jojo’s story doesn’t start at the beach.

Henry, Baloo, and Pan – Dog and Cat Friends on An Adventure that Changed their Lives

A few years ago, Henry and Baloo’s story of friendship inspired many people around the world. The best friends were sharing their adventures with the help of their parents, Cynthia Bennett and her partner Andre. The traveling cat and dog duo backpacked their way through the Colorado mountains while over 2 million followers cheered them on.

The Three Most Famous Dog Heroes of World War II

There are more canine heroes than we can count who have helped humans in times of war. We’re going to share the stories of three war dogs that are considered among the most accomplished dogs of World War II.

Ouka The Fluffy Flying Dog, A World Traveler Takes Flight Over France

Ouka the Fluffy Flying Dog is a world traveler who takes flight over France with his human, Shams. Ouka is no ordinary dog- he loves being in the air and has no fear of heights! This brave Samoyed has his own page on social media where hundreds of thousands of fans come to check in on him and encourage his adventures.

Theo and Mina a Couple TikTok Creator BFF Kitties on an Adventure

Theo and Mina are a couple cats who love adventuring together and documenting their travels on TikTok. These BFFs love nothing more than spending time together, whether they’re exploring new places or just relaxing at home. They weren’t always BFFs View this post on Instagram A post shared by Theo and Mina (@theoandmina) Eventually it worked out and they grew close…

A tribute to Eclipse – Seattle’s bus-riding dog

Eclipse, Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog was one lovely and smart doggo that brought joy to her community and the world. And she didn’t have to save a boy stuck in a well or any other heroic feat to do this. It was something much more simple to us humans, but still incredibly inspiring – She would regularly take a city bus, all by herself, to visit her favourite dog park.

Wander With Willow’s Pack The First Wolfdog Clones in The World

Anyone with a Husky cross or a dog with a sharp nose and pointy ears will know what it’s like at a dog park – “Is that a wolf!?”. Usually never in a bad way. People are curious.

These 3 cats, Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut, are your summer 2022 travel goals

After two years of lockdowns, everyone is either trying to catch a flight this summer or can’t wait to. If you plan on or want to travel, what’s on your bucket list? San Francisco, New York City, Paris, Milan, Venice?