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October 6, 2002 (21)

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Elizabeth Yu is an American actress notable for her portrayal of Princess Azula in the live-action adaptation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Her acting career includes roles in films such as Somewhere in Queens and May December, as well as a significant part in an upcoming NBC drama pilot.

Yu’s initial appearance in the film industry was in the 2022 movie Somewhere in Queens. She expanded her repertoire by starring as Ruby in Year One, a film directed by Lauren Loesberg. In January 2023, Yu was cast in May December, a black comedy directed by Todd Haynes. In March 2023, she secured a role in an NBC drama pilot created by Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs, where she plays Young Maggie, a character deeply involved in a complex murder mystery.

Her career is marked by collaborations with various industry professionals. She has worked with director Todd Haynes in May December and with creators Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs in the NBC pilot. Additionally, Yu has acted alongside Gaten Matarazzo, both professionally and personally, as they have been in a relationship since 2018. These collaborations have played a crucial role in the development and visibility of her career, connecting her with diverse audiences and projects.