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Max Keiser does not have any reported pets. He may have some Doge coin.

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January 23, 1960 (64)

Max Keiser is an American broadcaster and filmmaker, recognized for his work on the financial program “The Keiser Report” on the RT network, where he and co-host Stacy Herbert cover financial topics and cryptocurrencies. He is also known for his earlier career in finance, his development of the Hollywood Stock Exchange, and his advocacy for Bitcoin.

Keiser’s career in media spans television and film, with a notable presence as a host and financial pundit. He launched “The Keiser Report” in 2009, a program that explores economic topics, financial scandals, and market trends, often highlighting Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Prior to this, Keiser created and presented several shows, including “On the Edge” on Press TV and “The Oracle with Max Keiser” on BBC World News. His filmography includes working as a producer and appearing in documentaries that explore economic themes, notably in the cryptocurrency space.

Throughout his career, Keiser has collaborated with numerous individuals across various sectors, including finance, journalism, and cryptocurrency. Significant collaborations include working with Stacy Herbert, his co-host and business partner; Alec Baldwin, with whom he discussed financial reform and politics; George Galloway, on the subject of economic justice; Peter Schiff, in debates on economic policy; Michael Hudson, discussing economic theories; and Simon Dixon, focusing on Bitcoin and blockchain investments.