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May 16, 1978 (45)

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Jim Sturgess is a British actor and musician. Sturgess’ breakout role came in the 2007 musical drama film “Across the Universe,” directed by Julie Taymor. In the film, Sturgess played the lead role of Jude, a young man from Liverpool who travels to America during the Vietnam War era. Sturgess has since appeared in several notable films, including “The Other Boleyn Girl,” “21,” “Cloud Atlas,” and “Geostorm.”

Sturgess gained widespread recognition for his role in the film “One Day.” Directed by Lone Scherfig, the film was based on the best-selling novel by David Nicholls. Sturgess played the lead role of Dexter, a charming and witty young man who falls in love with Emma, played by Anne Hathaway. Sturgess received critical acclaim for his performance, with critics praising his chemistry with Hathaway and his ability to convey the character’s complex emotions.

In “Cloud Atlas,” Sturgess played six different roles, showcasing his range as an actor. The film also starred Tom Hanks and Halle Barry. The film received several nominations at the Saturn Awards, including Best Science Fiction Film, and won for Best Editing and Best Make-up.

He has also worked with several famous directors, such as Peter Weir, Clint Eastwood, and Lone Scherfig. Sturgess has collaborated with numerous A-list actors, including Robert Pattinson, Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Spacey, and Natalie Portman.

In addition to his work in film, Sturgess is also an accomplished musician. He has released several albums and has performed in various music festivals and concerts. Sturgess’ music has been featured in several of his films, including “Across the Universe,” “One Day,” and “The Way Back.”