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December 24, 1998 (25)

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Declan McKenna is a British singer-songwriter and musician who gained international recognition with his debut single “Brazil.”

Making waves in the music industry, McKenna’s work extends far beyond his initial hit. His debut album, “What Do You Think About the Car?”, garnered critical acclaim and quickly became a favorite among fans, charting in multiple countries. Tracks like “Isombard” and “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home” not only display his musical prowess but also resonate deeply with listeners, tackling pressing societal issues with a unique blend of youthful energy and mature reflection.

The realm of music thrives on collaborations, and McKenna’s journey is dotted with numerous associations with diverse artists and celebrities. He notably toured with Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, and Joe Donovan from the well-regarded English indie pop band, Blossoms. Additionally, McKenna has been seen mingling with Matty Healy from The 1975 and has shared festival stages with illustrious artists like Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, and the sensation Billie Eilish. His collaborative efforts with respected producer James Ford, the genius behind many hits from Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine, further illuminate the breadth of his connections in the music industry.

When it comes to recognitions, McKenna has not been left wanting. For instance, his aforementioned debut single “Brazil” took the top spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. Moreover, his insightful songwriting and undeniable talent earned him the title of BBC Music’s “Introducing Artist of the Year” in 2017.