Top 10 Dog Influencer Christmas Posts on Instagram

The holidays are always a time to get together with friends and family, whether they have two or four legs. So we’d like to celebrate 10 favorite canine Christmas posts on Instagram to get you in a furry festive mood!

Top 10 Dog Influencer Christmas Instagram Posts
Credit: @aguyandagoldenn @gabrielfeitosagrooming @louthechichi/Instagram

Timeless photo shoot with Santa – @aguyandagoldenn

At Celebrity Pets, we’re more partial to fur kid photos with Santa than with traditional human kids. And Teddy, aka A Guy and A Golden, had a truly timeless pet photoshoot – Complete with the tricycle Teddy has wished for Christmas ever since he was a pup!

Christmas craft making – @sapphie_the_pomsky

Crafts are always a fun family activity around the holidays, but why limit it to human family members? Just take some inspo from Sapphie the Pomsky (and check out our interview with Sapphie the sass-talking zoomie queen and author!)

Mandatory Christmas movie night – @pugloulou

Who doesn’t love getting cozy and watching Christmas movies this time of year? With the sweet setup that Pug Lou Lou has, you can clearly see she’s loving it!

Keeping it cozy – @worldwide_winston

And when it comes to keeping it cozy for Christmas – Worldwide Winston is bringing his A-game with his very own limited edition matching PJ collection. (For more on Winston’s international adventures, click here)

Snow Day Celebration – @thorthebrownboston

Keeping warm by the fire sounds appealing this time of year. But if it happens to snow where you are, don’t miss out on enjoying a lil’ walk in a winter wonderland. Here’s Thor partaking in the simple doggy pleasure of jumping around in (and chomping) some snow. And did you know Thor is a competitive swimmer with his own swimming pool? Learn about this canine champ in our interview!

The annual picking of the Christmas tree – @stormtheweatherdog

Picking out a Christmas tree is a fun family tradition that dogs also love. And did you know that Storm has not only been a weather dog for over a decade, but he’s also a trained Christmas tree retriever?

Best winter wardrobe – @louthechichi

Even when it’s cold, some of us still want to look fresh. And for a top example for the winter season, look no further than pet fashion influencer Lou the Chichi.

Best Chrismas caroling canine – @itsdougthepug

Music is an integral part of the holiday season, so we had to find a favorite Christmas carol post. We adore this lovely duet between Doug the Pug and his mom, Leslie Mosier, that celebrates Doug’s Hawaiian roots. Also if you missed earlier this year, check out Doug’s collab with the Crocodile Hunter’s family in The Pugadile Hunter.

Best Christmas-themed creative grooming – @gabrielfeitosagrooming

We’re big fans of Gabriel Feitosa’s creative grooming and so are his clients, which earned him over $1 million in 2022 (and also helped get dogs adopted!) To celebrate the season, he transformed a bichon into a gingerbread house.

Helping those in need – @koda_the_fluff

To celebrate the season of giving, we picked a Celebrity Pets favorite who is known for being as generous as he is cool: Koda the Fluff. Koda personally delivered hundreds of donated stuffies to help cheer up kids staying in hospitals over the holidays. And make sure to see more of Koda’s work as a therapy dog.

Bonus: Christmas YouTube videos from Doxie Din

While not Instagram posts, we just love Doxie Din and Puppy Jay and know you’ll love their recent Christmas videos, so we had to include them too! If you’d like to see more, we had the pleasure of interviewing these two talented Dachshund actors.

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Top 10 Cat Influencer Christmas Posts on Instagram
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