Top 10 Cat Influencer Christmas Posts on Instagram

Bringing a tree indoors? Boxes everywhere? Yep, two purrfect reasons for cats to love Christmas. And for all our readers who love cats, we’ve corraled 10 favorite Christmas Instagram posts from 10 favorite cat influencers!

Top 10 Cat Influencer Christmas Posts on Instagram
Credit: @thatlittlepuff @heyitsgingerandpepper @walterbishopthecat/Instagram

Kitty Christmas movie costumes – @walterbishopthecat

We’re starting with a double feature from Walter Bishop the Cat, where he models his collection of Christmas movie costumes, including the Grinch, Buddy from Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and a few classic cartoons.

BOXES – @henrysthoughts

For cats, the most magical time of the year is when there’s a huge surplus of boxes for fitting and sitting. Let Henry and his roommate show you what I mean:

Kitty Christmas crafting – @thatlittlepuff

Along with boxes, crafting goes hand in hand with Christmas. That Little Puff, who is also an accomplished chef, shows off his crafting skills below.

Santa isn’t real – @sonyakisa8

There comes a time in the life of a kid (or cat) when they find out that Santa isn’t real. But for Scottish Fold kitties Sonya and Kisa, they might have taken the news a little too hard…

Santa’s naughty list – @surfercatmav

Cats love a lil chaos around Christmas. And if they’re not careful, they could find a spot on Santa’s naughty list. Surfer Cat Mav’s kitty crimes managed to get him locked up in elf jail!

Christmas Magic – @heyitsgingerandpepper

Christmas is known as the most magical time of the year. When this naughty gang managed to destroy their human’s tree, they luckily pulled off a spell just in time to fix it.

Christmas at Rockefeller Center NYC – @spongecake_thescottishfold

One of the most iconic Christmas scenes has to be Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. Let this travel influencer trio of Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut be your guide:

Walking in a winter wonderland – @liebchen.travels

Who doesn’t love a white Christmas? Liebchen the adventure cat certainly does!

Kitten’s first Christmas – @truffles_the_kitty

It’s always nice to reminisce over childhood Christmas photos and videos. Here’s one of Truffles the Kitty, before she started wearing glasses and helping children with vision issues. And make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Truffles!

Shoutout to the feline Grinches – @thezenkitty

Some people just can’t let themselves enjoy the holiday season. And you can bet some cats feel the same way. For Zen the rescued beach cat, even a sunny day by the pool won’t improve his festive mood.

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