Ludwik The Hairless Nude Guinea Pig Model With over 160K Followers

Meet Ludwik, the nude model unconcerned with dieting. This hot new model is a hairless or “skinny” guinea pig who’s usually photographed next to his snacks. Shoutout to Guinea Pigs for neither being pigs nor from Guinea and being pretty unphased by the whole thing. His owner, Agata Nowacka, found him in Warsaw, Poland sick and alone in a pet store. The tiny pig was neglected and riddled with disease. Agata rescued him, nursed him back to health and started his modeling career. Now, he’s an Instagram star with over 160k followers.

The skinny pig does sponsored posts for cruelty-free products, like this aloe moisturizer. Ludwik uses it at least once a day to keep his hairless coat looking fresh. The pair only do charitable sponsored posts for products not used on animals. Preach!

His besties are two Yorkshire Terriers, Maxi and Homer, who have enough hair for all three of them. So, the cutest BFF’s on the internet are officially one bald vegetarian rodent and two kibble-loving canines. It’s like they say, opposites attract.

The litter have a sister named Rachel as well. She’s the introvert to Ludwik’s extrovert, the agoraphobe to his party-girl, the wallflower to his exhibitionist. She prefers to stay behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera but we occasionally sneak a peak when Rach is feeling frisky.

Ludwik’s significant other is a genderless Dala horse named Sweden. Sweden is from, you guessed it, Sweden. The two don’t let their difference of species, or even the fact that Sweden isn’t alive, come between true love.

He’s a fancy man who loves his pearls. Ludwik can often be found lounging about the house in fine jewellery. We get it. If you can’t feel fabulous at home, where can you?!

Ludwik provides motivational support to his fans. Reminding us that we have the same hours in the day as Beyonce… If only we had her other talents, too.

Like any self respecting socialite, this miniature pig celebrates good press with bubbly. His favourite is Dom Perignon. So far, he’s been on two national TV shows and a number of online publications. He’s had numerous interviews and isn’t shy about interacting with his fans on social.

The future of nudes is here people, and it’s an adorable, bald pig.

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