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Halston Sage's Pets

Does Halston Sage Have Any Pets?

Pilot (Dog)

Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai

Halston Sage has an Alaskan Klee Kai named Pilot.

Golden Doodle (Dog)

Breed: Golden Doodle

Halston Sage has a Golden Doodle.

Scout (Horse)

Halston Sage had a horse named Scout.

Halston Sage

Halston Sage Pets


May 10, 1993 (30)

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Halston Sage, an American actress, began her promising career with the breakout role of Grace King in Nickelodeon’s television series ‘How to Rock.’ With an array of distinct characters under her belt, Sage has navigated her way through Hollywood.

Following her stint in ‘How to Rock,’ Sage impressed viewers with her performances in numerous films and television series, showcasing her versatility and ability to excel across genres. She was mesmerizing as Amber Fitch in NBC’s drama ‘Crisis’ and then in Seth MacFarlane‘s science fiction comedy-drama ‘The Orville,’ where she played the role of Lieutenant Alara Kitan. Her big-screen debut was just as noteworthy, featuring in the ensemble cast of the film adaptation of ‘Paper Towns,’ John Green’s best-selling novel, where she convincingly portrayed the character of Lacey Pemberton. More recently, Sage was seen in ‘The Last Summer,’ a Netflix original film, and ‘Prodigal Son,’ a crime drama series on Fox.

Throughout her career, Sage has had the opportunity to work with an impressive roster of Hollywood talent, demonstrating her knack for creating compelling on-screen dynamics. She collaborated with John Green on ‘Paper Towns,’ working alongside Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, and with Seth MacFarlane on ‘The Orville.’ Sage has shared screen space with KJ Apa in ‘The Last Summer,’ and has worked with renowned actors like Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney in ‘Crisis.’ In ‘Prodigal Son,’ she teamed up with Tom Payne and Michael Sheen. Furthermore, she had an opportunity to work with Zac Efron in ‘Neighbors,’ where their on-screen chemistry was highly praised. As her portfolio continues to diversify, Sage’s collaborations with director Jake Schreier, screenwriter Michael Werwie, and author Donna Tartt reflect her growth and development as an artist.

Recognition for Sage’s performances has been growing steadily. Her role in ‘The Orville’ earned her a nomination for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series in 2018. The critical acclaim she received for her role in ‘Crisis’ further affirmed her standing as a competent and versatile actor.