Winnie the Pudel Is One Glamourous Doggy Dentist

Winnie the Pudel is a beautiful black standard poodle living in the state of Georgia. Her job is being a therapy dog at her mom Donna Moses’ periodontal dental practice. But by looking at her, you’d probably guess modeling is her job.

Winnie the Pudel Is One Glamourous Doggy Dentist
Credit: @winnie_the_pudel

For most of her patients, they see her as a very professional poodle, helping them stay calm and comfortable during their dental visits.

But when she’s done work, she ditches the scrubs and transforms into a furry fashionista!

Here’s another shining example.

But yes, you can catch her wearing a few luxurious accessories while at work.

Studies show that therapy dogs can reduce our anxiety and lower blood pressure. Not too sure about cats though…

And to no one’s surprise, Winnie is also a cover model.

For more delightful doggy dentistry, visit @Winnie_The_Pudel on Instagram!

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