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Tucker Carlson's Pets

Does Tucker Carlson Have Any Pets?



Tucker Carlson has posted photos on his social media with his dog Springer.


Dog: Cocker Spaniel | Adopted 1994

He had a cocker spaniel named Masey.


Cat: Maine Coon

He has a Maine Coon cat named Betsy.


Dog: Golden Retriever | Adopted 1993

He had a Golden Retriever named Agnes.


Guinea Pig

He has a guinea pig named Sarah.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson Pets


May 16, 1969 (53)

Tucker Carlson is an American paleoconservative television host and political commentator who is best known for his show Tucker Carlson Tonight on the controversial news media outlet Fox News since 2016.

He describes himself as a nationalist and he has been a vocal opponent of progressivism and critic of immigration. Carlson has promoted conspiracy theories about topics such as immigration, COVID-19, vaccinations, and his support of the 2021 U.S. Capitol attack.