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Does Frank Iero Have Any Pets?

Lois (Dog)

Adopted 2018

Frank Iero currently has two rescue dogs, with two sadly passing away in 2018 and early 2022. This dog is named Louis, who Iero adopted in March 2018 after his dog Sweet Pea passed away. Iero said Louis is the most adorable bed sh*tting rock eater he knows.

Soup (Dog)

Adopted 2020

Frank Iero’s second rescue dog is named Soup. Soup likes to battle with Lois over a favourite frog toy. Iero said this on Instagram when he adopted Soup, ” Well, today was a big day…. Found in a forest in Georgia, rescued and brought up to NJ. We are proud and lucky to announce the newest addition to the Lero family. World, meet Soup! Nothing like giving this little one a cuddle on the way home from adoption and having her hug right back. 😍 Now off to introduce her to her sister.

Sweet Pea (Dog)


Frank Iero used to have a little rescue pup named Sweet Pea,  a.k.a. Sweat Pea a.k.a. Sweet Peter a.k.a. Sneaky Pete. a.k.a. Dog Navarro a.k.a. Little Brittle a.k.a. Goddamnit Stop Licking The F*cking Couch! Sweet Pea sadly passed away in February 2018.

Millie (Dog)


Millie, aka Mildred, was an eight-year-old, eight-pound rescue dog Frank Iero adopted in June 2021 after their elderly owner passed away. Millie was a distant relative/descendant of his old dog Sweet Pea. She sadly passed away in January 2022. Iero posted this dedication on his Instagram, “it is with a very heavy heart that i announce the sudden passing of our little bean Millie. Millie loved taking naps in the sun, taking naps on the sofa, taking naps on the floor, and when awake; growling at her siblings.
I hope you’re curled up on a small couch in the sky my little one. I wish we had more time together here, but i’m incredibly thankful for the 6 months the universe gave us together. Rest Easy Mildred, I love you. 🖤🙏🖤 KTF. #RIP”

Frank Iero

Frank Iero Pets


October 31, 1981 (42)

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Frank Iero, Jr. is an American musician who is the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of the rock band My Chemical Romance and post-hardcore band Leathermouth. He has a solo project titled “Frank Iero and the Future Violents” (formerly “Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration” and “Frank Iero and the Patience”). He released his debut solo album titled Stomachaches on August 26, 2014.