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Does Braden Wallake Have Any Pets?

Roscoe (Dog)

Braden Wallake has a dog named Roscoe that often appears behind the scenes in his marketing content as a way to promote the lifestyle of his business.

Braden Wallake

Braden Wallake Pets

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Braden Wallake is an American businessman, CEO and owner of HyperSocial, a marketing agency based out of the US. He often shares content about his company, family, and pets with the emphasis on lifestyle which many marketers promote through their channels. In 2022, his business had a negative downturn and unfortunately laid off somewhere under 50 members of staff. While no one would have noticed, he took to LinkedIn in order to promote his personal brand around the news which was not taken lightly. Shortly after posting a photo of himself crying “for his laid off employees” on LinkedIn, he quickly trended as the “Crying CEO“. The comments were mixed from supportive to mostly negative. While the news was brief, his moment in the spotlight was all encompassing.