Super Bowl LVII: Meet the dogs of the Eagles and Chiefs

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably pretty pumped to see the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs play this Super Bowl Sunday. And if you’re also a fan of dogs, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the good boys and girls who have their humans competing for the 2023 Super Bowl. Let’s take a look below:

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has two good boys waiting at home for him. A Pittbull named Steel and a Cane Corso named Silver. The pair are pretty popular on Instagram with over 200,000 followers, which gives him an advantage over Eagles QB Jalen Hurts who doesn’t even have a dog to be on Instagram.

Patrick Mahomes dogs - Steel the pitbull and Silver the Cane Corso
Credit: @patrickmahomes/Instagram

Creed Humphrey – Kansa City Chiefs

Creed Humphrey is a devoted advocate for rescue dog adoption. He even fundraises for SPAR, his hometown’s pet rescue, which is where he got his dog Beau from.

Creed Humphrey rescue dog Beau
Credit: @creed_humphrey/Twitter

Travis Kelce – Kansa City Chiefs

Travis Kelce has a Pomeranian-Husky mix named Chauncey and a Goldendoodle named Rambo.

Travis Kelce dogs Rambo goldendoodle and Chauncey pomeranian husky mix
Credit: killatrav/Instagram

Jason Kelce – Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Kelce has two huge Irish Wolfhounds named Winnie and Baloo. Jason and Travis will also be the first brothers to ever play against each other in the Super Bowl. Wonder if their four dogs ever get as competitive over a game of fetch?

Jason Kelce NFL dogs Winnie and Baloo
Credit: @jason.kelce/Instagram

A. J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles

We’re sad to say that Bentley the pitbull passed away in September 2022, but will be watching A. J. Brown play from over the Rainbow Bridge.

AJ Brown pitbull dog Bentley
Credit: @1k_alwaysopen/Twitter

Darius Slay – Philadelphia Eagles

Darius Slay has two Cane Corsos, with the puppy joining his family in June 2021.

Darius Slay dogs Cane Corsos
Credit: @jennwilliams23/Twitter

Lane Johnson – Philadelphia Eagles

Lane Johnson doesn’t have a dog, but he does know Big Dogs Gotta Eat.

Lane Johnson Big Dogs gotta eat

BONUS: Rihanna

with Rihanna performing at the halftime show, we’re including her as a bonus. She has a Maltipoo named Oliver and a Pomeranian named Pepe. Fun fact about Pepe, Rihanna found him as a puppy abandoned in a Hollywood club bathroom and decided to take him home.

Rihanna -dog Oliver
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