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Boo (Dog)

Breed: Wolf

Dylan Efron has a Wolf dog named Boo.

Dylan Efron

Dylan Efron Pets

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Dylan Efron is an American producer and social media personality who gained recognition for his YouTube series “Flow State” and for being the younger brother of actor Zac Efron. While often compared to his more famous sibling, Dylan has carved out a unique path for himself, specializing in the production of online content that explores the realms of adventure, fitness, and travel.

Dylan Efron gained visibility through his YouTube series “Flow State,” a program that combines elements of sports, adventure, and lifestyle. He has been involved in a variety of other video projects, including the adventure film “A Life Worth Living,” which captured the attention of audiences interested in outdoor exploration. “Flow State” stands as a testament to Dylan’s passion for storytelling and exploration, as the series often features him undertaking rigorous physical challenges and experiencing new cultures.

Over the years, Dylan has collaborated with an array of individuals from different fields. He has worked with professional rock climber Alex Honnold, explorer Mike Libecki, and surfers Kelly Slater and Kai Lenny. In acting, he has also associated with Hugh Jackman and Vanessa Hudgens. His collaborations extend to social media influencers like Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau, and musicians such as Kygo and Olivia Rodrigo.