Chef Bobby Flay’s Famed Cat, Nacho, Has Passed Away – ‘Absolute Broken Heart’

Chef Bobby Flay announced the sad news that Nacho, his beloved ginger Maine Coon cat, passed away peacefully at nine years old. If you follow Flay or have seen any of his posts over that time, there’s a very high chance you’ve seen him with Nacho by his side. Nacho himself became a celebrity pet, with almost 300,000 Instagram followers for @nachoflay. Nacho even launched Made by Nacho, his own gourmet cat food brand, in 2021 (with some help from his dad.)

Chef Bobby Flay’s Cat Nacho Has Passed Away
Credit: @bobbyflay/Instagram

Many celebrities and pet influencers gave their condolences in the comments. said, “I am so very sorry, Nacho’s spirit will live on always,” and @thecatdaddy said, “Many prayers for you and your family- and safe travels to Nacho on to what’s next.”

Flay described Nacho as being more ‘doglike’ than regular housecats, which is a trait associated with big Maine Coons. Despite weighing a hefty 20 pounds, Nacho was known to perch up on Flay’s shoulders. Flay said that Nacho was also a foodie, always hanging around when he was cooking and eager to sample any cat-friendly dishes.

He came into my life when I needed him most and brought joyful moment after joyful moment to my household.

@bobbyflay, Instagram, October 2023

Earlier this month, Nacho celebrated his 9th birthday alongside his sister kitty Stella.

You can meet his kitty, Stella, and his new Pomeranian, Allspice, in our Bobby Flay celebrity pet profile.

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