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Martha Stewart's Pets

Does Martha Stewart's Have Any Pets


Ghenghis Khan

Chow Chow

A Chow Chow name Ghenghis Khan.

Francesca and Sharkey

French bulldogs

Two of Martha Stewart’s ten dogs are two French bulldogs named Francesca and Sharkey



First cat named Chiggi.

Chin Chin and Paw Paw

Chow Chow

Martha Stewart has ten dogs, including two Chows named Chin Chin and Paw Paw.

Max and Zu Zu

Chow Chow

Of Martha Stewart’s 10 dogs, she has five Chows, two are named Max and Zu Zu

The Canaries


A flock of canaries.



Some chinchillas.



A Himalayan cat that lived to 19 named Vivaldi.



A Himalayan cat named Verdi.

Uncle Vanya


A cat named Uncle Vanya.

New Kitty


A “new kitty”.



A cat named Weeny


Chow Chow

A Chow named Max.

Electra and Sirius


Martha Stewart has 12 cats, with two named Electra and Sirius.

Empress Tang

Calico Persian

A calico Persian cat named Empress Tang, sister to Princess Peony.

Princess Peony

Princess Peony

This cat is named Princess Peony. She had a tragic accident in April 2022 and was killed by her four dogs protecting the house. Martha Stewart says her dogs mistook her for an intruder.

The Chicks


Martha Stewart has kept chickens and as such, a flock of chicks

Dandy and Clover The Cows

Hereford Cows

A couple cows named Dandy and Clover.

Empress Qin and Emperor Han

Chow Chow

2 Chows named Empress Qin and Emperor Han.



Martha originally had 21 peacocks, but sadly 5 were killed by coyotes in July 2022. The deaths included two of her favourite peacocks, named Blue Boy and White Boy. She tweeted that her peacocks are clean, do not smell, and have an impeccable house. And that they’re loud, but fun to hear and friendly.


Pomeranian Guard Geese

Pomeranian guard geese.

Billie, Clive, and Rufus


Martha Stewart has three donkeys named Billie, Clive, and Rufus.



A cat named Blackie



A flock of 20 fancy pigeons

Rutger, Rinze Sasa, Meindert, and Ramon


Martha Stewart has four horses. They’re named Rutger, Rinze Sasa, Meindert, and Ramon.

Ban Chunch

Fell Pony

A mini donkey named Ban Chunch.



A Himalayan cat named Bartok.

Harrison Ford

Shetland Pony

Martha Stewart has two ponies, one is a Shetland pony named Harrison Ford.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, born August 3, 1941, is an American retail businesswoman, writer, chef, and television personality best known for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She has been successful in multiple business ventures, encompassing publishing, broadcasting, merchandising and e-commerce. She has written numerous bestselling books, the publisher of Martha Stewart Living magazine, and hosted two syndicated television programs: Martha Stewart Living (1993-2004), and Martha (2005-2012).

Martha Stewart is an American entrepreneur, businesswoman, aurthor, chef, and TV personality born on August 3, 1941. She famous for being the face of the Martha Stewart brand and the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. This includes a range of businesses, publishing, products, and media production. Of her accomplishments, the most notable are her magazine Martha Stewart Living (1990-2022) and two TV series, Martha Stewart Living (1993-2004) and Martha (2005-2012). In more recent years, she’s also been known for her use of cannabis and cannabis-related business ventures, along with her friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg.