Martha Stewart Mourns the Loss of Empress Tang, Her 14-Year-Old Persian Cat

On Martha Stewart’s 150-acre estate, you can find plenty of fur babies, from Frenchies to farm animals of all kinds. This fur family used to include two Persian cats named Princess Peony and Empress Tang. Along with Stewart’s Chow Chows, these Persians were her most iconic pets.

Martha Stewart Mourns the Loss of Empress Tang Her 14-Year-Old Persian Cat
Credit: Martha Stewart

Stewart was sad to share on Instagram that Empress Tang has passed away at 14 years old, just a month before turning 15.

She mentioned how Tang lived a great life but also focused on her career, which included multiple appearances in Martha Stewart Living and in ads for Pretty Litter. True to her name, Tang lived like royalty.

@marthastewart Let’s just say that my beautiful Empress Tang is a born star. #petsoftiktok #cattok #dayinthelife ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Two years ago, also in early April, Princess Peony was tragically killed by Stwart’s dogs who mistook her for a trespasser.

Here’s a nice moment of Tang and Peony together.

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