Rackarkatten the Swedish Racing Cat Can Run Faster Than Usain Bolt

Did you know Rackarkatten, the Swedish Racing Cat, currently holds the world record for the fastest 60-meter sprint? Ok, it’s not an official record, but only because they don’t (currently) allow cats to compete in track and field championships.

Rackarkatten the Cat Can Run Faster Than Usain Bolt
Credit: @rackarkatten/Instagram

But this feisty fluffball’s best time for the 60-meter sprint is 5.8 seconds. That beats Usain Bolt, the current 2nd ranked human at 6.31 seconds, and Su Bingtian, the current 1st place human, as 6.29 seconds. This champion kitty’s real name is “Gananiia” but goes by the nickname “Rackarakatten,” which translates to “rascal cat.”

Note that at 15 years old, this Siberian cat is pretty much retired from competing.

But he still occasionally throws down against her human, Magnus.

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Rackarakatten isn’t just into straight sprints, he also enjoys a track with a few twists and turns.

Instead of a starter’s pistol, Rackarakatten prefers his races to start with the sound of a tuna can opening.

And he clearly knows he looks good while doing it.

While his competitive racing days may be behind him, judging by his Instagram (@rackarakatten), he could easily find work as a model.

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