Baby Rhino Tries Bravely Tries To Save Mom From Poachers

Poachers have been decimating rhino populations in South Africa, profiting off their horns with the sad practice. But, one baby rhino fought back.

A 4-week-old baby rhino named Arthur tried to save his mom from a poachers attack. Unfortunately, even though the little babe fought as hard as he could, he wasn’t able to save his mom. He was found bloodied by a machete, suffering from emotional and physical trauma next to his slain mother.

arthur baby rhino

The amount of support from the animal-loving community has been overwhelming. Michelle Potgieter, a volunteer at the rhino sanctuary Gift of the Givers, started the initiative to help Arthur. She’s inspired Liz Wilson-Chandler, a specialist wound-care nurse, to assist Arthur. He’s been stitched up and is on the road to recovery but both women are worried about his emotional well-being. “Baby rhinos commonly die from emotional trauma rather than wounds‚ especially when they are separated from their mother,” says Potgieter.

Arthur’s been running and playing since the incident, so hopefully with some love and care the baby rhino will make a full recovery. For more sad poaching-related news, check out the Last Rhino.

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