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Does Jules Willcox Have Any Pets?

Yoshi (Dog)

Adopted Oct 2015

Jules Willcox has a dog named Yoshi that she adopted from “Bark n’ Bitches Dog Rescue” in LA. She found Yoshi back in October of 2015 and two have been inseparable ever since. Yoshi even gets to join Jules on trips around the world from LA to NY, and even Germany[1].

Jules Willcox

Jules Willcox Pets

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Jules Willcox is an American actress known for her roles in the film “Alone” and the television series “Bloodline.” She has contributed significantly to both film and television.

Willcox’s film career includes lead roles in “Alone” and “Deadline,” demonstrating her ability to handle diverse characters. On television, she has appeared in “Bloodline” and “The Good Wife.” Her voice acting credits include “The Evolving Vegan.”

Throughout her career, Jules Willcox has collaborated with several prominent actors and actresses. She worked alongside Stephen Root in “Bloodline,” Marc Menchaca in “Alone,” and Audra McDonald in “The Good Wife.” Willcox also shared the screen with Parker Posey in “Search Party” and Peter Krause in “9-1-1.” Her collaboration with Ben McKenzie in “Southland” further highlights her professional network and diverse acting experiences.