Interview With Gabriel Feitosa: Fusing Pop Art Inspiration and Dog Grooming Innovation

In the world of creative dog grooming, there isn’t any groomer with the celebrity status of Gabriel Feitosa. He grew up without much in East São Paulo, Brazil – But his dedication, passion, and creativity have made him an international sensation and viral social media star.

Interview with Gabriel Feitosa - viral TikTok dog groomer
Credit: Gabriel Feitosa Grooming

From getting millions of likes for transforming pooches into Pokémon, to being profiled by CNBC for making over $1.2 million in a year, he definitely takes dog grooming to the next level. Taking plenty of inspiration from pop culture and embracing vibrant colors – His designs couldn’t be more eye-catching and smile-inducing. So we’re very pleased he made time for an interview! We start off with getting to know Gabriel and his pups, then get into some dog grooming tips.

Celebrity Pets: Hi Gabriel, can you please start our readers with the story of how you got into dog grooming?

Gabriel: I started by taking my sister’s toy poodle Ícaro to the grooming shop. I was 12 years old I thought it was fascinating that someone could make money to “play” with dogs all day. Little did I know how extensive it was the knowledge and practice that goes into dog grooming. But that’s also what made me so interested. So many breeds of dogs are so different and they all require special techniques for the pups to look their best. I always loved that!

CP: As a lifelong dog lover, how did dogs help you grow when you were young? And/or how have dogs inspired you as an adult?

Gabriel: The plot twist is that I used to be scared of dogs as a kid. My parents had two German Shepherds (Pantera and Samantha). They were outdoor dogs, weren’t really trained, and quite strong, of course, and I used to be scared of them. It wasn’t till I was about 10 and my older sister adopted a toy poodle that lived with us that I realized how amazing dogs were. And little did I know that my family would go through some hard times, and the dogs would keep me focused while everything was going on around me.

I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t find this passion for dogs so early on in my life. The dogs kept me optimistic and always inspired – And they still do. I love seeing the connection my clients have with their dogs and the bond that we groomers also develop with our furry and human clients over time.

Gabriel Feitosa, on how dogs have inspired him

CP: So you have a few fur babies at home. Can you introduce them?

Gabriel: Today I have two dogs: Edea, a two-year-old Standard Poodle, and Kronos,a 11-year-old Toy Poodle.

CP: What makes them special to you? Do they have any funny quirks?

Gabriel: Kronos is a cuddle monster that would cut me open and crawl inside if he could (LOL) Privacy and my bathroom time for him is torture. He just wants to be with me at all times. Edea is a tomboy she loves to play and is always up to something. She will bring me toys even if I’m sleeping, I woke up several times with a toy being thrown at me.

CP: Hey Kronos, heard you’ve been a client of your dad’s for over 8 years. We all see he’s a world-class pro now… But did you receive any embarrassing or funny cuts or styles back in the day? (Or witness any?)

Kronos: Too many to count! The funniest was when I got a peach butt. That was the first time dad was posting creative grooming online. The things I did to help my dad learn what he knows today… At least he paid me in greenies so it’s all good!

CP: Edea, your recent Tigger look has 47 million views on Instagram and your Winnie the Pooh shoot was amazing. Can you share that experience?

Edea: Well I became a celebrity on the streets immediately (which came naturally to me, of course). Everyone wanted to give me hugs and take photos. Sadly not everyone has treats in their pockets… But it was a really fun experience otherwise! If anyone reading this sees my next look, please bring treats or I can also take a bite of whatever you’re eating (when dad isn’t watching)

CP: What are some other favorite looks of yours?

Edea: Arcanine, Lion, and Tigger are my favorites.

I wanted to but my dad says I’m too young to be on Instagram unsupervised. He’s also so busy with his social media and grooming other pups, I’m just happy to support his work for now… Maybe someday!

Edea the Poodle, on her viral fame and a potential influencer career

CP: If you were stuck on a deserted island with your pups, what are the 5 essential items you’d take?

Gabriel: My dogs need grooming otherwise they can actually develop health issues – So definitely my Andis Clipper Wild Edition, one of their Slicker Brushes, and a gallon of Hydra shampoo. Ugh I can eat coconuts and bugs for lunch and dinner but my dogs must be clean HAHA. I would also bring a tent and one of those Life Straw water filters.

CP: If you just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy or do?

Gabriel: I think I would start a dog rescue with big rooms and a lot of green space. That way I could support the shelters around me that are over crowded. And I’d hire a team to make sure their grooming routine is always impeccable.

CP: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Gabriel: To worry less about what other people think. And to spend more time alone, the more we learn to love and take care of ourselves the more energy we have to give to the world around us.

CP: If you weren’t a dog grooming superstar, what career path do you think you would have taken?

Gabriel: I think I would have been an artist, probably a painter/illustrator.

CP: How was the experience competing on Pooch Perfect with Rebel Wilson?

Gabriel: It was amazing! I never thought that grooming could take me this far, not only brought me to live in a different country but all the way to Hollywood. Fun fact: I was an alternate and not originally part of the main cast. Somehow I passed on the very last casting day and ended up making all the way till the end. It’s so crazy how life surprises you when you least expect it.

CP: And after all that, have you thought about your own reality TV show or game show?

Gabriel: Shhh! I might have some projects in the works. I’m always cautiously excited about these opportunities because we never know what’s gonna happen. But I’m certainly hopeful that it will happen sometime.

CP: Ok, now let’s imagine your TV show, Grooming and Gabbing with Gabriel, has premiered and it’s an instant hit (of course). Who would be your top three celebrity guests and why?

Gabriel: Paris Hilton messaged me once, I would die to have the chance to groom one of her pups. She’s a dog lover and I’m a big fan of hers I think a collab with her would be so hot! Dolly Parton would be also a dream, she just premiered her dog TV show and I love her selfless heart helps not only the rescue pups but so many organizations and research. And iff Lady Gaga showed up I think I would have a heart attack!

CP: We’re big fans of Bretman Rock and his fantastic universe of pets. How was traveling to Hawaii to meet him and groom his pitty Kayu?

Gabriel: Bretman is the one of the most real people I’ve ever met, he’s exactly like he is on the internet, super down to earth, funny and kind. A lot of my fans resonated with that collab and I think Kayu turned out awesome. She’s a fierce dog and I felt that the leopard spots were perfect for her. I took an extra week to explore the island and I’m glad that I did because Lanikai beach in Oahu has become my favorite beach of all time. (And I’m Brazilian -We have a lot of great beaches from where I’m from)

CP: …And did he ask you to style any of his chickens?

Gabriel: haha I wish!

CP: Are there any charities or non-profit organizations you’d like to give a shoutout to?

Gabriel: The San Diego Humane Society does an incredible job. I have never seen a group of people more committed to the comfort of these animals – All the people who work with them, the office, the vets. Everyone walks around with a leash around their neck, ready to jump in and help with the dogs when necessary. They also have a great facility to support so many animals.

Creative Dog Grooming Questions

CP: For people not familiar with creative dog grooming who are concerned about the effects of fur dye – Can you please share why it’s safe?

Gabriel: The pet products are nontoxic, specially developed for pets, and vegan-based. Recently my favorite brand Opawz got an extensive laboratory test and was deemed safe to use on pets. My dog Kronos has been dyed most of his life, and has zero skin allergies and is as healthy as he can be. We also dye dogs in my shop every single day with zero reports of allergies. Creative grooming has been around for decades mostly on grooming competitions, watch the movie Well Groomed. What I’m doing differently is just creating designs that are versatile and quick, and the clients envision their pups at home with the look.

CP: How long does it take to complete a colorful coat? And how are your canine clients kept happy and calm during it?

Gabriel: It depends on the complexity of the design, usually 3-5 hours, depending also on the size of the dog and length of coat. The color application is not the longest part is mostly the trimming, brushing, and combing of dogs with long hair. A smaller short coated dog can get done in 2 hours.

CP: Do you have any quick tips for grooming at home?

Gabriel: brush your dog every day, opening the coat all the way down to the skin to make sure it’s free of matting. Additionally use a conditioner in every bath to help prevent matting. I recommend the Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner.

CP: For anyone now inspired to get into creative dog grooming, do you have any advice?

Gabriel: It’s a long journey to creative grooming. If you’re a groomer yourself and already have experience and extensive grooming skills, you can get my goldfish online course to watch me do it, and I recommend trying on your own pup at first to sculpt and understand the vibrancy and the results of different dyes. If you’ve never groomed before, I would avoid creative grooming altogether, and focus on learning the breed structures, go watch dog shows, ask questions, look for a mentor. After you develop a sharp eye and understand how to make every dog look their best, creative grooming will be a breeze!

Thanks for your time Gabriel, can’t wait to see what new designs you come up with! Make sure to visit him at and follow @gabrielfeitosagrooming on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

And in case you missed it, make sure to check out Gabriel transforming Bretman Rock’s rescue pitbull Kayu into a leopard.

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