Dog From Brazil Learns to Ring Doorbell Like a Human

Dog get up to all kinds of mischief and learn new tricks in the process, this dog is way ahead of the curve. Sneaking out is the easy part for the most part, getting back inside is the most difficult part of the journey.

But not for this little guy.

Recently, a neighbor spotted something unusual taking place outside a home in Mato Grosso, Brazil. There, cute, floppy eared dog was seen reaching up near a gated entrance. Shortly after, the clever dog hopped up and rang the doorbell — just like a human.

Sure enough, the dog’s plan worked. The family came seconds later to let the cute guy in. After the clip hit the news, a local station G1 Globo caught up with the dog’s owner, Giglio Bernini and it turns out, his name is Faísca — and he learned how to do this all on his own.

Bernini said that Faísca is known for sneaking away but he always returns after via doorbell. “We couldn’t imagine it would be Faísca [ringing], because we never taught him that,” Bernini said, adding: “He’s a very smart dog.”

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