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May 31, 1994 (30)

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Will Ramos, an American vocalist, has become a well-known figure in the music world, primarily for his position as the lead singer of the deathcore band Lorna Shore.

Ramos’ journey to the top was not an overnight success. It began in small-town New Jersey, where he developed a passion for music early on. As a teenager, he honed his vocal abilities by imitating the heavy metal bands he loved, such as Bullet for My Valentine, Lamb of God, and Whitechapel. Over time, his influences grew, with bands like Infant Annihilator and All Shall Perish contributing significantly to his musical persona. His career began in earnest with the metalcore group Secrets Don’t Sleep around 2014 or 2015. Before joining Lorna Shore in 2020, Ramos also played with the deathcore band A Wake In Providence and worked as a freelancer in the film industry.

Ramos’ collaborations with other artists have contributed significantly to his reputation. His contributions include guest vocals on Brand of Sacrifice’s track “Lifeblood” in November 2021, Dutch deathcore band Distant’s “Heritage” in February 2023, and “Trag3dy” from nothing,nowhere.’s album Void Eternal in March 2023. Furthermore, Ramos was involved in the supergroup project Project: Vengeance, alongside other deathcore vocalists such as Left to Suffer’s Taylor Barber, Infant Annihilator’s Dickie Allen, Spite’s Darius Tehrani, and Traitors’ Tyler Shelton. The group’s debut single “Cut. Bleed. Repeat.” was released in March 2023, offering another testament to his talent.

Ramos’ significant milestones and achievements in his career are largely attributed to his work with Lorna Shore. Their hit “To The Hellfire,” with Ramos’ exceptional vocals, was a viral success, peaking at number 4 on the Spotify Viral Chart’s Top 10. The song’s popularity extended into the following year, earning the title of “2021 Song of the Year” by Loudwire. Furthermore, Lorna Shore’s fourth studio album, Pain Remains, was a key marker in Ramos’ career, as it was his first as the band’s vocalist and lyricist.

In addition to his work with bands, Ramos has found an avenue to share his vocal prowess on social media platforms like YouTube. His collaborations with Elizabeth Zharoff on her channel, “The Charismatic Voice,” offer an unprecedented look into his vocal technique, and his one-take performances and covers of songs by artists like Sleep Token, Chelsea Grin, and Spiritbox have found a large audience.